Whether your project is a new one or just a remodel, our dual-purpose docking station will fit into it comfortably. The unit is stationed next to a permanent and the respective ATS. A portable generator and a load bank can be connected simultaneously. It again saves time and labor when you need to do service work to the permanent generator and eliminates the amount of cable that you need to hard wire into the main breaker. We have an industry kirk key mechanism which we can use on a standard dual-purpose docking station to transfer power from permanent generator to the portable.We install these with a quick and easy system of two bolts.

  • It has an amperage range of 100A-4000A.
  • The voltage options are as follows.
  • 120/240V, 120/240V Delta, 280Y/120V, 480V, 480Y/277V, 600V.


  • UL 50 Listed, ETL/C-ETL 1008
  • Listed, NEMA 3R or NEMA 4X
  • It has phase rotation
  • Has a theft reduction system
  • All are constructed of aluminum or made of aluminum foil
  • It has silver-plated copper busbar
  • Has custom powder coat
  • All panel mounts have protective caps to prevent accidental contact
  • It has a swinging door that can be padlocked.
  • The bottom-hinged door remains closed unless you open the main door.
  • The UV printed graphics are custom designed
  • It is manufactured in the United States


Variety of beakers, utility light, NEMA 3R, two wire auto start, pad lockable swinging front door, block heater receptacle, a little device for monitoring, battery charger duplex receptacle and more.

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