A major problem for all facilities is how to load bank test and where to connect into the system. This can have many complications on site:

  • Running large cables through unsecured doors or public areas
  • Getting permits for parking units on streets or in entranceways
  • Having to modify existing switchgear or transfer switches
  • Damaging existing switchgear or transfer switches
  • Exposed and dangerous bus work can be hazardous to workers
  • Increased load bank test time and labour bills

Foxfab can solve these problems by working with the facilities to use one of our Load Bank Connection cabinets and have it permanently installed in an easy to access location.

  • Ensure safe reliable connection
  • Places unit in convenient location out of public areas
  • Allows testing to be done during business hours
  • Reduces load bank testing costs
  • Reduces labour on site
  • Live switchgear remains closed and protected