When you have your generator serviced, this can be done in one of the following three different ways:

If a company that you wish to deal with doesn’t employ technicians, and if you’re also trying to decide whether a manufacturer or independent service would be the best choice to maintain the generator, be sure to make a note of the following information to help you with your final decision. There are likely many different options in your general area regarding selecting an independent generator service. Below are four great reasons as to why selecting an independent company to service your generator would be better than selecting a contractor.

Manufacturers Take a Long Time to Arrive

If you have an issue with your generator that’s keeping it from operating during a kind of an outage, there’s a chance that the outage could be over before a technician arrives to take care of the problem, which is why many of them don’t specialize in emergency services. Technicians always maintain your generator under some scheduled agreement; however, if there’s an emergency, it can take up to ten hours for them to arrive to take care of the issue. However, an independent service can arrive within two to three hours, sometimes sooner.

Manufacturers Charge More

A manufacturer will typically charge 50% more money than an independent service to perform the same work. This is primarily due to factors such as high labor rates and high markups. Even worse is the fact that manufacturers will spend as much time as possible to repair a generator, and because they charge such high rates, this can end up costing you a huge amount of money.

Manufacturers Offer Limited Services

There are a lot of companies who want services for load generators that can both test and maintain the entire EPSS, or Emergency Power Supply System, instead of just the generator itself. Factors such as infrared scanning and breaker testing are critical to keeping this system operating as efficiently as possible. Many manufacturers will both test and repair all of their products rather than products that come from another company.

Manufacturers Never Specialize in Either Maintenance or Testing

Manufacturers practice only developing and selling new products rather than testing and maintaining them once they have been sold. Independent companies, however, do specialize in these services.

Since manufacturers perform maintenance during warranty periods, some companies still continue to have them perform regular generator maintenance once the warranty period has expired. This can result in you paying upwards of thousands of dollars per year in service costs that aren’t necessary. Furthermore, manufacturers are used under the belief that the generator and the environment in which it was installed will both be understood a lot better than an independent company would be able to understand it. However, this is rarely the case.

Selecting an independent company, in the long run, will always be the best option for you to go with, especially since they offer options such as lower prices, better response times, etc.