The FFCC-S1 Series 3-Way Manual Transfer Switch Connection Cabinet allows for maximum redundancy when considering load bank testing and portable generation. This unit allows for isolated load bank testing which gives the facility the ability to have a portable generator tied in at the same time. These units are equipped with colour coded camlock receptacles allowing for quick and easy load bank or portable generator connection. Assemblies are available with up to 1200A mains, certified to cULus standards and NEC 700.3F compliant.

Product overview

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Standard features / specifications

  • 5052 Aluminum Construction
  • Type 3R Weatherproof Enclosure
  • WallMount Design
  • Certified to cULus Standards
  • Dead Front Cover
  • Three interlocked Breakers
  • Colour Coded Camlock Receptacles
  • Standard Mechanical Lugs Kit
  • Angled Camlock Plate for Secure Connection
  • Double Doors c/w 3 Pt. SS Pad­ Lockable Handle
  • Bottom Cable Access Door
  • Stainless Steel Hinges with Removable Pins

Max Ratings

  • 1200A
  • 600VAC


  • 42″H x 36″W x 16″D (100A – 600A)
  • 60″H x 48″W x 24″D (800A – 1000A)
  • 72″H x 36″W x 24″D (1200A)


  • Voltage
  • Assembly SCCR (kA)
  • Load Bank C.B. Amps
  • Load Bank C.B. Trip Unit
  • Load Bank C.B. Rating
  • Permanent Generator Amps
  • Permanent Generator C.B. Trip Unit
  • Permanent Generator C.B. Rating
  • Portable Generator C.B. Amps
  • Portable Generator C.B. Trip Unit
  • Portable Generator C.B. Rating
  • Enclosure Construction
  • Accessories

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